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Archive files available for download:
File nameSizeDescription
ay8910-2.rar3878 The AY-3-8910/8912 sound synthesizer IC (with examples in assembly and BASIC)
ay2sna.rar15776 AY file to SNA file converter with source code
ymdmp.7z23060 YM5 and YM6 files dumper with source code
AYMakeR.rar51102 AY file creator with source code
aysplitr.rar16578 AY file splitter for AYMakeR with source code
aysplit.rar16576 AY file splitter with source code (obsolete)
EnhVtx.rar4461 A new AY music file format project
FLSPlayer.7z3839 The source code of the original Flash Tracker module player and of Budder's modified player that autodetects the module's compilation address.
FTCPlayer.7z14844 A Fast Tracker module player, disassembly of the original code, as well as the source code of 1.07 and 1.08 beta 1)
FXMPlayer.7z5810 Disassembly of the original Fuxoft AY Language module player and its modification by Budder that autodetects the compilation addresses.
GTRPlayer.rar3186 The source code of the original Global Tracker module player.
PSCPlayer.rar9642 Disassembly of the original Pro Sound Creator module player.
PSGFormat.rar1219 Some documentation about PSG files.
psg2mid.rar5353 The source code of a PSG-to-MIDI converter.
PSGComp.7z38071 A PSG files comparator (with the source code).
PT1Player.rar6777 Disassembly of the original Pro Tracker 1.xx module player.
PT2Docs.rar6432 Pro Tracker 2.xx module format description (in Russian).
PT3Docs.7z21056 Some details of the Pro Tracker 3.xx editor and its format (mostly in Russian).
PTxTools.7z41350 A toolkit for working with PT2 and PT3 modules on ZX Spectrum and MSX (sources/binaries/documentation/searcher/detector/duration calculator/player) through AY and through 2xAY (Turbo Sound). Universal players PTxPlay and PTSPlay are included.
SQTPlayer.rar5543 Disassembly of the original SQ-Tracker module player.
STDocs.7z3094 Descriptions of the Sound Tracker module formats (both non-compiled ST1 and compiled STC, ST3).
STPDocs.7z9660 The Sound Tracker Pro user manual, descriptions of its module formats (both non-compiled STF and compiled STP, in Russian) and disassembly of the player.
Ay_Emul29.src.7z1524328 The source code of Ay_Emul version 2.9
Ay_Emul29b16.src.7z593365 The source code of Ay_Emul version 2.9 beta 16 (the last version that supports Windows 98)
Ay_Emul29b5.src.7z381623 The source code of Ay_Emul version 2.9 beta 5 (the last Delphi 7 version)
Ay_Emul28b10.src.7z469760 The source code of Ay_Emul version 2.8 beta 10
ay_leds.7z36436 An Ay_Emul2.8b10 source code modification by Alexey Golubev (it uses keyboard LEDs for AY music visualization)
Ay_Emul30alpha9.7z252805 The source code and executable file of Ay_Emul version 3.0 alpha 9 (only WinAPI using)
Ay_Emul30alpha11.src.7z509296 The source code Ay_Emul version 3.0 alpha 11 (KOL library instead of VCL)
YMEmuWithFilters.rar28646 An AY-to-WAV converter (YM2149F emulation, filtered)
YMEmuWithFilters.src.rar22129 The source code of an AY-to-WAV converter
Pentagon48K.rar370188 The Pentagon 48K emulator v1.0 with sources
Inserters.rar16652 Tools for inserting titles and author names into ASC and STP modules, with source code
MicroSTbeta10.src.7z570045 The source code of Micro ST beta version 10
Ice.7z13286 Ice Depacker with source code, used to unpack SNDH-music
VT1.0beta32.src.7z358264 The source code of Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 32
VT1.0beta28.src.7z297109 The source code of Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 28
VT1.0beta19Plus.src.7z151706 The source code of Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 19+
pt3chk.7z12425 An analyzer of ZX Spectrum Pro Tracker 3 tables, with source code
aylchk.7z100569 An AYL and M3U playlist files checker with source code
tran.7z85233 The ZX Spectrum Tracker Music Collection Analyzer v2 with source code
SkinManagerII.src.7z94390 The source code of Skin Manager II
KillDoubles.7z40972 Utility for removing duplicate files in a given folder (actively used by the author while working with ZX music archives) with source code.


YMEngine is a set of Pascal sources that allows you to add the Ay_Emul's YM2149F emulation into your own programs. If Ay_Emul sources are too hard for your understanding, this kit made by the YMEngine's author, Sledge Hammer of Grinder, is just the thing for you. Two demos and two games are available below as examples of YM-Engine usage. Martin Andersson has adapted YMEngine for SDL, buildable for Linux and other platforms, also available here.

Attention! All the YMEngine packages described are based on old versions of Ay_Emul, which means that some YM5 and YM6 files are not played quite correctly. Also, there are some arguable decisions in the Windows Delphi version of YMEngine's WaveOut wrapper, inherited from an obsolete version of Ay_Emul. As such, I would like to direct any questions you may have about YMEngine to their authors first.

Archive files available for download:
File nameSizeDescription
YmEngineDelphi10.rar25647 YMEngine for Delphi by Sledge Hammer of Grinder
YmEngine-SDL.rar78431 YMEngine with SDL (cross-platform) by Martin Andersson
lymd.rar50116 A small YM Demo by Sledge Hammer (Win32, DirectX)
useful_2.rar47040 The USEFUL STUFF INTRO #2 by Sledge Hammer (A PC-remake of the Atari ST intro; Win32, DirectX)
lanceran.7z327435 Lanceran: The Ancient Prophecy v1.50 by Ironfist (a PC game; Win32)
slidepuz.7z377163 Slide Puzzle! v1.02 by Ironfist (a PC game; Win32)
gamepack.7z570065 The game pack for Slide Puzzle! v1.02
victoria.7z62812 The extras pack for Slide Puzzle! v1.02


SquareTone is a Linux port of Ay_Emul v2.7 beta 3. It contains a simple console player named "SimplePlayer", as well as a plugin for the popular XMMS player. This version can only playback .YM and .PT3 formats. All sources and instructions are included. You can use Free Pascal to build this project yourself.

The player is platform-independent thanks to SDL, and is based on Ay_Emul 2.7 beta 3 (without the bugs of the previous AY_Emul versions). Created by Martin Andersson. Should any questions arise when using it, please refer to Martin Andersson first.

Archive files available for download.
File nameSizeDescription
squaretone-0.1.tgz322403 SquareTone for Linux (the YM and PT3 player and the XMMS plug-in, with source code) by Martin Andersson


Archive files available for download.
File nameSizeDescription
Newinamp.7z7248 Delphi sources of an example of using BASS.DLL (WAV, MP3, OGG, MOD, IT and so on)
CDPlayer.7z5456 Delphi sources of an example of using Windows MCI for CD playback
Nemidi.7z21365 Two Delphi 7 projects that can playback MIDI files using the low level functions of Win32 Multimedia System

Read how to unpack those archives at the Unpacking page.
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