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File nameSizeDescription
AY-3-8910.rar552710 AY-3-8910/8912 Programmable Sound Generator Data Manual
AY-3-8910_2.rar538936 AY-3-8910/8912/8913 Programmable Sound Generator Datasheet
ym2149.rar6300648 YM2149 Software-Controlled Sound Generator Datasheet
ym2149r.rar66205 YM2149 Software-Controlled Sound Generator Datasheet (in Russian)
AYvsYM.rar4588 Article is devoted to AY and YM differences and to methods of removing these differences (in Russian)
AY_YM_NoiseGenerator.7z3896 AY-3-8910 and YM2149F noise generator scheme (with Russian comments) and Pascal/Assembler algorithm
LPT-YM.7z306346 YM2149F connecting to PC's printer port (LPT) by Romanich (scheme, board, photo, YM3 and YM5/YM6-files players, source code and description in Russian)
LPT-AY.7z3357 AY-3-8910/12 connecting to PC's printer port (LPT) by Vitaly Mayatskih & Alexander Kulik (scheme, description in Russian). Used in several ZX Spectrum emulators
ay_play.7z492960 AVR AY-player by Freddy (hardware PSG-files player with real AY-3-8910): scheme, layout in Sprint Layout 5 format, fuses photo and firmware (versions from 1.2 to 1.7)
AVR AY-player Video- AVR AY-player by Freddy: device demonstration video
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