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Apple II PT3 Vortex Tracker Player
PT3-files player for an Apple II with Mockingboard (with source code) by VMW Software.
AVR-AY – AVR AY-3-8910 Emulator
Resource, dedicated to AY-3-8910 emulator on Atmega8 and player for it.
Leonard Homepage
Arnaud Carre home page. He is YM-format author. There are music of this format, famous ST-Sound emulator for its playing, and also some programming articles on his page.
YM Archive by aldn
Atari ST music archives (alternative to not working ST Sound Plesuredome).
Z80Stealth Emulator Homepage
Official page of Z80Stealth ZX Spectrum emulator by Kirill Kolpakov. This is the best AY/YM emulation today (© Hacker KAY). Emulator allows efficient creating of PSG and EPSG files. Among all of known to me emulators, only Z80Stealth creates PSG files without errors.
Hacker KAY Homepage
Hacker KAY home page. He is original AY/YM emulation algorithm author (used in Z80Stealth). On his page you can find archive of his ZX modules (Russian titles, I translated it to English in Tr_Songs) and AY/YM related data and programs, some MP3 and modules, guest book.
Ironfist Software
Ironfist's projects site. YMEngine is used in some of them.
AY Music Utilities
This is AY music part of World Of Spectrum site.
Project AY
Site is dedicated to .AY-files and .AY-files players and utilities. You can find many techinfo and links about chip music.
Site (saved in web-archive only) is dedicated to OPL2/OPL3 player. There are some AYM and FXM ZX Spectrum tunes can be found on this site. RDOSPLAY documentation contains useful info and formats description. Link to web-archive of the site is found here.
YM2149 Java emulator
Good emulation of YM2149 sound chip is written on Java.
ExoticA! *** Tunes - AY-3-8912_songs *** ExoticA!
ExoticA! site part, on which placed AY-files in native form. Some of them very interested.
AY Player for real Spectrum
Project is dedicated to playing Spectrum music in .AY (ZXAYEMUL) format on real ZX Spectrum. Current version allows play the most of available AY-files with spectrum music inside.
SNDH-files Player Home Page
Big SNDH music archive and SND Player for real Atari ST.
SNDH Atari ST YM2149 collection
All around SNDH: technical documentation, players and the most complete and well sorted SNDH-files archive.
AY/YM Emulation Library
The page is dedicated to Alexander Sashnov's AY/YM Emulation Library with samples like a plug-in for XMMS (Linux's Winamp analog) and console player for playing VTX-files in Linux. The library is based on Roman Scherbakov's (VTX format author) sources.
mR T.A.D. a.k.a. rnR
Site of musician, interested in computer sound and in all my projects.
X-agon's Homepage
AY-musician X-agon's site. Download all his ZX Spectrum music!
AY Riders
International ZX Spectrum music band of Yerzmyey.
YM Rockers
Atari ST music band. Brothers of AY Riders ;)
Lost net the site thematic resources
Nothing lost without trace. You can try to find it in web-archive or in new place.

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