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The site is dedicated to popular sound chips: AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912 and YM2149. AY-3-8912 chip widely used in original ZX Spectrum 128K computers. YM2149 is analog of AY-3-8910, and AY-3-8912 is simplified its version. So, this fact allowed using all of these chips in ZX Spectrum analogs with keeping of software compatibility.

In News part you can see the list of last changes on the site and reports about current projects progress.

In for Engineer part technical information about chips is available.

In to the Programmer part information about programming these chips is available. Also, you can find here source text of many programs, including all projects of this site, file formats descriptions, packages for inserting chip sound emulation into your own programs with great examples, and so on.

In the Emulator part you can download ZX Spectrum Sound Chip Emulator. There can to be beta-versions in this part. Of course, skins and skin making tools are available too.

In Micro Speccy part can to download .AY and .AYM-files player Micro Speccy (the project is finished), and also SNDH-files player Micro ST.

In Archives of music part Emulator supporting music archives are available. There is composers list of ZX Spectrum and other AY/YM computers in this section.

Project Vortex part is dedicated to Vortex Tracker II project. This is musical editor for Win32, which allows you create and edit music for sound chips on PC. Also, you can read some history words about Vortex project by V_Soft (Roman Scherbakov), download his VTX plug-ins for Winamp and VTX-players for Pocket PC.

In References part can to find links to Internet resources are dedicated to the site theme.

You can search some archives (including old versions of programs with sources) at AY-3-891x/YM2149 Homepage FTP server also.

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