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Vortex Project

Vortex Tracker Module Conversion System version 1.

At the summer and autumn 2000 I had working under coder/decoder of ZX Spectrum tracker modules for Vortex Tracker. This is very hard because of modules of different trackers are not compitible. So, there are many tricks during decoding in this program. Download VTModuleConverter.rar (35553 bytes) if you want. This version can convert PT2, PT3, STC, STP and SQT modules into PT3. The converter has many errors and removed from site; use built-in converter of Vortex Tracker II.

What is Vortex Tracker.

Vortex Tracker is Roman Scherbakov aka V_Soft and my joint project. Roman is organizer and idea author. All job is divided by two parts: my and Roman's. I am working under "low-level" part: recognizing and decoding original ZX trackers modules, saving in PT3 format, calculating AY registers values by tracks, samples and ornaments data. In future plans supporting of all known ZX trackers. Roman works under cool interface, AY/YM emulation, and also under combining of my and his parts of project.

Progress in the end of August 2000.

Roman already had combining all parts of Vortex Tracker and has preparing to release beta version of it.

Progress in the begin of July 2000.

Romand made interface and installator. I made decoder of PT2, PT3, STC, STP and SQT, main playing procedures (note, sample, ornament, pattern and so on) and saving all in PT3 format. Now Roman has trying to combine his and my parts of project.

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