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Vortex Project

Vortex Tracker II.

Vortex Tracker II is a Win32 PT3-editor. Its idea comes from unfinished Vortex Tracker, read its history here. For the moment you can download Vortex Tracker II 1.0 beta 19+ (archive size is 512 655 bytes). In this version you can load, play, edit PT1, PT2, PT3, STC, STP, SQT, ASC, PSC, PSM, FLS, GTR, FTC, FXM, AY (ZXAYAMAD) files and save them in PT3 format or in temporary text format. There are all required features for making new modules in Vortex Tracker II. You can export modules into SNDH-format to play it on Atari ST, and into HOBETA (with player or without player), AY's ZXAYEMUL format, SCL or TAP to play it on ZX Spectrum. Musicians composing music for two AYs (Turbo-Sound or Turbo-AY scheme) can play and edit any two opened modules simultaneously (full synchronization of both windows during playing and editing, saving and loading two modules in one file and so on). VT II can import TS-modules of PT 3.6 and 3.7. During exporting TS-modules to ZX Spectrum special TS-player is used. Also supported Shiru Otaku's plug-in OrGen v0.4 (130 466 bytes) for editing ornaments via mouse clicks on fortepiano keys picture.

Source code of Vortex Tracker II can be downloaded from to the Programmer section.

Paulo Silva's project: about to start converting vgm (sn/ay) to VortexTracker txt - vgmrips forum thread, where you can see VGM to Vortex Tracker II TXT-format converter progress. Author has big TODO list, but converter is working fine already.

VTX-format software from Roman Scherbakov

VTX-format author (Roman Scherbakov) is one of the first programmers who has made AY and YM chips emulation very close to real sound. So, you can download the most popular and well tested version of VTX-plugin for Winamp V_Soft Vortex AY/YM Chip Emulator 3.0 (archive size 54 670 bytes). Last version V_Soft Vortex AY/YM Chip Emulator 4.0 (62 172 bytes) was not so public tested, but it has new downsampling algorithm and author uses only it. And last product for playing VTX is a Pocket PC VTX-player V_Soft Vortex AY/YM Player for Win'CE (195 269 bytes) for ARM, MIPS and SH3 platforms, for full hang-on there is a Win32 build in archive.

Read information about depacking archives at Depacking page.

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