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Music Archives

Collections published on this site

Music composed by Sergey Bulba in 1994-1995.
Some music by the author of AY Emulator. The file size is 28,609 bytes. This music is also included in the following archive (Tr_Songs).
ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5
The archive (size 21,455,922 bytes) contains music from ZX Spectrum games, demos, programs and albums in popular music editor formats. There are many playlists with extra information about some modules. All music is sorted in folders with "readme" text files with comments and even more additional information. This version contains about 37,650 files, and out of those, about 28,900 are musical modules. The music is sorted by authors, so in some thematic folders, you will find grouped playlists with links to the 'Authors' folder.
ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5 (expanded playlists)
The archive (size is 32,687,487 bytes) is the ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5 compilation with expanded playlists, i.e. the modules are duplicated in the corresponding folders. This archive can be useful for the players that do not support loading AYL playlists.
ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5 (expanded playlists and folders)
The archive (size 32,341,893 bytes) is the ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5 compilation with expanded playlists and folders (excepting root folders). Its generated for real ZX Spectrum players that can only play files from the current folder.
ZX Spectrum Music v1.2
Music from the good old games and programs of ZX Spectrum in non-tracker format (VTX). The file size is 64,043 bytes. This project is now finished because Ay_Emul can play AY-files, and VTX format is no longer relevant.
Modules by Sergey Bulba written in 2000-2001 (v1.1)
I decided to remember the good old days and wrote these songs in Speccy emulators. The archive is 3,893 bytes large. This archive is also included in Tr_Songs.
The "VTX, YM, etc" archive v1.3
Music that has been found online or was sent to me by e-mail. I could not find the original modules of it for the Tr_Songs archive, so I have decided to create a standalone archive. The size is 308,638 bytes.
Amstrad CPC AY Music Collection v1.0
This is a total remake of SoLO/CORPSE's Amstrad CPC AY-files collection. I have rebuilt all files, removed the extraneous data and calculated the playtime of each of the 373 modules in the archive. The size is 213,794 bytes.
Turbo Sound Music Collection v3.0
An archive (size 789,640 bytes) of 458 TS modules to play via programs like Ay_Emul or Vortex Tracker II. Can be replayed on a real ZX Spectrum with the Turbo Sound (2xAY) device.
The collection of AY files Sergey Bulba's ripped and/or rebuilt v1.0
From time to time some people would ask me to repair or to rip music in .AY format. After that files would like be added to one of the collections (like ProjectAY by bcass for whom I was mostly doing it). But just in case, now you can download them from this site too. Some files ripped by me into AY format can be found in Tr_Songs as well.

Collections published on other sites

If a link is dead in the Internet Resources section (the file removed or the site is lost) and new links to it are not found, this subsection will be useful for you.

Ironfist's collection of .AY-files
This is the original archive. Ironfist had ripped and built .AY files from a humongous amount of ZX Spectrum games, but his site is not there anymore. The last update can be found in the web archive:, however this archive is not downloadable from there.
CyBeR Goth's YMs
Maybe not the final edition. Here is the source page, archived:
YM Archive v5
The YM music archive previously recommended for listening by the author of the ST-Sound player. The original archive used to reside on ST Sound Pleasuredome; here is its fragment in the web archive:
Music in YM-format (1997-1998)
Another archive with YM music, creation dates ranging 1997-1998. I forget where I found it first, and I could not find it again.

AY Composers List

Dmitry Bystrov's (Alone Coder) Project

About the project
A collection of information about pretty much all musicians who contributed to ZX Spectrum with AY sound chip (nicks, real names, groups, activity years and so on). Unifies data from the other lists, and includes some personally collected information (like from software/press/mail exchanges), as well as comments and additions from those who read the list. The list contains some info about the "beeper" and non-ZX platform musicians.
Join us
Contribute to this project: send me comments and new information about ZX composers.
Download the latest version
Version 6.5 can be found inside of the ZX Spectrum Tracker Music v6.5 pack. You can download a standalone historical version 4.6 (archive file size 79,600 bytes).
Development Tools for the AY Composers List v4.6
The archive file includes previous versions of the list, the data base that AY Composers List v4.6 was built off of, and also all companion software (as Delphi 7 projects). The Archive file size is 132,009 bytes. The newer versions are now generated from Tr_Base, the base also used for generating the Tr_Songs compilation.
Read about how to unpack the archives at the Unpacking page.
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